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How to Set Up Online Business In 90 Days Webinar!

What's In It For You?

Step 1 - Building A Strong Foundation
Step 2 - Finding Your Niche
Step 3- Online Knowledge Marketing Blueprint
Step 4 - Automated Learning EcoSystems
Step 5 - The Freedom Wizard Business Model

This Sunday At 4pm

Why You Should Learn to Bartend Like a Pro.
Learn Why You Should Start Your Own Skills, Knowledge & Experience Based Online Business to Secure Your Future & To Serve Your Community
Learn How You Can Ride on One of The Fastest Growing Trends In The World
This Is an Exclusive Webinar for Hospitality Staff, Teachers, Trainers, Speakers, Coaches, Consultants and Subject-matter Experts
How To Find Your Niche & Launch Your Own Profitable Courses in 90 Days

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn in BARWIZARD Bartending & Cocktail Mastery Course?

This course will make you an expert bartender, professionally or socially. This course gives you insight to the world of spirits and cocktails. It is also a blueprint for you to understand the curriculum design and how the videos are shot and uploaded on a LMS to kickstart your own online skill or knowledge business.

How do I establish my USP or Niche?

Your passion should feed a hungry market. It should provide a solution to a problem or a gap. I will assist you to refine your niche with a Niche Blueprint Template which will assist you to identify your niche along with step-by-step guide videos.

How do I design my course with quality content and how much should I price it for?

FREEDMLY Business Model by BARWIZARD is an ultimate step-by-step online video training system designed to help you, design your own curriculum, based on your knowledge or skills, even if you don’t have a prior experience. It will teach you how to price it depending on your content.

I don’t know how to use technology?

You don’t have to reinvent the technology wheel. I have spent many hours and thousands of dollars learning it from my mentors. I have successfully developed an automated online teaching system. All you need to do is duplicate the automation. I will teach you through my videos how to set it up on your own. Incase you get stuck; I have a back up resource team as well as list of professionals who will do it for you for a minimalistic fee.

How will I create awareness about, and sell my course when there is so many competition courses available online?

Your vibe attracts your tribe. People fail, systems don’t. There is a information overload on internet about not a structured training model. BARWIZARD Bartending & Cocktail Mastery course is a blueprint course of how to design your own skill business. In my future course FREEDMLY which will emphasis in detail the FUNNEL BUILDING FORMULA along with video lesson plans on crafting a customers’ journey. It also teaches in detail the top 6 traffic generating sources through its INTERNET TRAFFIC BLUEPRINT, followed by FREEDOMLY LEADGEN CHALLENGE to generate leads without spending on ads.

How will I make money once the course is launched?

FREEDMLY BUSINESS MODEL is a 100% Money Back Guarantee Business Model. Once you complete your challenge and upload your course online, you definitely will generate fortune if you follow the road map blueprints. This course teaches you multiple revenue streams as follows:
 • Online Course
 • Coaching
 • Consulting
 • Referral & Affiliate Income
 • Adsense Income
 • Sponsorship Influencer Income


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