Barwizard Wine Mastery Course (Online)

This online course provides a basic introduction to the main styles of wines available to front line staff involved in the service of wine. The program introduces you to the technique of tasting wine and the characteristics of the common grape varieties used to produce wines. The program aims to provide the basic product knowledge and skills in the service of wines required to prepare you for wine service at work or home

This course includes more than 6.00 hours of 36 lesson plans and 28 recipes

DurationLife Long Access

Suitable forThis course would suit everyone interested in learning about wine. It is aimed at beginners of all backgrounds, and no previous knowledge is required. It is equally suitable for professionals seeking wine knowledge for their business life, individuals looking to learn about wine for their social life and Wine Enthusiasts.

CertificationCertificate of Completion (International Accredited Course)

Price INR 6150.00 

GST @ 18% INR 1350.00 

Total Cost INR 7,500.00


                       • Downloadable Wine Foundation Course Book in PDF

                       • Cheers by Sandy Online 20 Wine Cocktails Recipe                                      Course worth INR 10000.00

                       • FREE membership to Barwizard Inner Circle Community

What will you learn?

How wines are made
Types & Styles of Wine
Serving Temperatures
Have the confidence to explore a wider range of wines
Understand which wines will work best in a variety of social settings
Choose from a restaurant wine list with confidence
Sniff out the best wine bargains
wherever you are
Decipher wine labels and language
Taste wine like a professional at home
Avoid the most common wine pitfalls


Renowned wine expert Sandeep Verma teaches you how to feel confident about wine in any situation. Asia is witnessing a revolution in wine as China and India’s growing middle class sip more of what was once considered an elite European drink. 

Have fun while you learn 

Sandeep Verma will share his extensive knowledge and secret shortcuts so you can taste wine like a professional at home, decipher wine labels and language, sniff out the best wine bargains wherever you are, choose from a restaurant wine list with confidence and avoid the most common wine pitfalls. 

Sandeep will teach you skills that will have an immediate positive impact on your life. Using fun and practical activities Sandeep will give you the confidence to feel like a wine expert in any situation. 

An essential life skill 

Wine is an essential Wine is now becoming the drink of choice for much of the world so understanding wine is quickly becoming an essential life skill for success in business or social situations.

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