I am Sandy Verma

I am on a mission to transform the Spirits Education & Bartenders’ Training Program, by helping

Aspiring bartenders become Alco Bev industry leaders
Help bartenders build their online bartending business 
Bar & restaurant businesses grow
Provide innovative bar experiences to consumers


Bartending Career & Business

I offer world class online bartending and spirits education for the industry. I have also curated an online course to help you set up your own successful bartending business in 90 days.

Bar Business

I aim to help bars by curating and providing customized beverage programs for bars and hotels including menu development, recruitment, concept creation, consultancy & bar trainings to help your brand grow to a high-end level.

Bar Experiences

I thrive to create experiences that tickle all the five senses. Creative presentations and concepts, unique flavour profiles and rituals around the drinks and during service. I along with my team, always strive to be fast, efficient, and friendly when it comes to creating WOW moments for the customers.

As with many fairy tales, my story begins with “Once upon a time…”

I did my Hotel Management from Goa in India, in the year 1989. Like any other 19-year regular kid, I was clueless why I got into this course. Maybe because I thought I would live my life in and out of five star rated hotels. I would be amongst the rich and famous with that bling-bling world around me, and that’s where I wanted to be for the rest of my life. So immediately after graduating from hotel management school I picked up my first job in the kitchen in the kitchen section, but my dream that got shattered within first few months of my new career. I thought I was not born to do this job. I wondered that did I waste my three years of studying Hotel Management. I shifted to service aspect of the hospitality industry.

Arijit Bose

Barwizard has created some of the best bar personalities, who are super motivated, high on skills and aspirational who have carved their path to be global leaders in the beverage industry

Lovers Rum, Countertop Beverages, Tesouro Bar, Mr. Jerry Cocktails

Founder & Partner

Devender Sehgal

Sandy’s ability to simplify bar concepts and spirits education help people to achieve their goals is unparalleled. I have personally learnt a lot from him in my initial days of bar career which set up a solid foundation and base of my career

Mandarin Oriental, Hongkong

Bar Manager

Rohan Carvalho

Barwizard program taught by Sandy Verma has a track record of creating best bartenders. This is mainly because of the training and exposure the aspiring bartenders get. Barwizard course is the distillate of all the knowledge and experience that Sandy has gained over the last 3 decades from all over the globe

Bar Square




Customers today are also looking for unique experiences and niches. Sandy is not only a world class mixologist, his eye for detail and commitment to customer service allow him to raise the standard at even the finest restaurants, hotels and resorts


I have over thirty years in the restaurant industry, I understand the business from all perspectives. I and my team of experienced mixologist teach techniques and proven strategies that will increase revenue while enhancing your guest’s experience. I have worked in and consulted many stars rated hotels and bars pan India and internationally, soaking experiences from 24 countries as far as Africa to Europe to Indonesia, working with finest of bartenders around the globe. I bring that experience to your program


We’ve been in Bartenders & Staff Training and Beverage Catering business for over 30 years and excel in deliverance because we are passionate about it and we work very hard to be great at it. Our teaching methods, knowledge and resources focus on teaching mixology which instills a philosophy that allows bartenders to take pride in their work and begin to regard their jobs as careers. Our program not only breeds staff loyalty and a sense of ownership in your bar program but will streamline service, increase profit and create memorable experiences for your guests

The Only Beverage Consulting Service  You'll Ever Need

Sandy Verma offers a wide variety of beverage consulting services to greatly enhance your cocktail, beer and wine program. World renowned mixologist Sandy Verma will custom tailor a program to meet your venues specific needs, maximize profit while offering a unique luxury experience for your guests.


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